• We will have the vehicle ready for you at the agreed time.

Delivering to your holiday Park? 

  • We will call you when we arrive at your holiday park at the agreed time at the arrivals / reception area. (same process for collection)

Collecting from our premises?

  • Check, Sign & go...
  • Please have the driving licences, NI number & second proof of address of all drivers when collecting your vehicle.
  • We will confirm the details of your hire, including return time.
  • You will need a valid debit or credit card as cash payments aren't accepted.
  • Then we book the vehicle out on our App., photos are taken of each side of the vehicle and of the fuel level / mileage.
  • You sign on the App. and everything is emailed to you.
  • The whole process takes about 5 minutes.

Returning your vehicle

  • It is important that you return the vehicle as per the details on your rental agreement.
  • We will check the vehicle in via our App. (pictures of all sides, fuel guage & mileage)
  • You and the LCH representative will then sign the App to record the date & time of return.
  • If there are any charges due identified in releation to your hire, then you will be expected to pay for these before you leave.
  • Your vehicle will then be cleaned and if no further problems are found the hire contract will end.